Abigail Shelton is a Berklee College of Music alumna with a Bachelor of Music in Film Scoring and in Violin Performance. Abigail enjoys writing music for movies, plays, video games, dance, her own music videos, and other forms of media.

At Berklee, she had the experience of writing in many styles of music for movies and she developed the skills of sequencing, making Orchestral MIDI mock-ups, composing, orchestrating, arranging, conducting, and mixing. One of her most recent projects was composing music for an independent short film called The Christmas Party.

Abigail has played violin in a wide variety of venues with various Berklee groups including the Boston Symphony Hall and the Berklee Performance Center.

She also had the experience of playing music on her violin in a variety of styles including Irish, Scottish, Old Time fiddle, Middle Eastern, Bluegrass, Jazz, Classical, and Rock.

Learning a wide variety of music has greatly affected her style of music. She enjoys combining these different styles into her original compositions. Abigail enjoys telling a story through all her original compositions. She hopes to empower and inspire others through her music.