1. Abigail’s original compositions are fresh and yet deeply moving and vibrant. You feel her passion even when watching and listening on the computer. I cannot wait to watch her perform live. I know this talented young musician will be delighting us with her presence in many different venues!

  2. Abigail,


    About 10 years ago Ms. Hilary Hahn came to Atlanta and played Beethoven’s violin concerto with ASO. I could not miss that opportunity. So I attended her concert with my daughter. Her rendition of the concerto was beautiful. I particularly was impressed with her stage presence. At the time she was in her early 20s. Yet, she poised herself with class and maturity. After her performance a man in front of me whispered to his companion, “can you imagine that she is only in her early 20s?”

    Your stage presence is equally impressive! You play your music with class and maturity. I am especially impressed with your performance of your own composition “hopeful journey”. It is simply marvelous!

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